Graphic Work

Rebranding the LGBTQ+




Black History Month with Certified UK.

To cover Instagram.

For Instagram Story

For instagram feed.

Image of Stormzy

One of the T-Side London bus design for the campaign.

Here are two buses we advertised on.

Billboard in the day time

Billboard in the night time

Glossy wrap newspaper.

Glossy wrap newspaper at the metro stand

Supermalt x Certified UK

A Taste Of Africa was needed because, platforms that celebrate and bring awareness to the African culture is quite rare. It is a platform that has shown the influence of the Afro Beat genre in the UK. A Taste Of Africa has the potential to help bring awareness to the scene, which is on the rise. Through this I hope it helps the genre progress more through its acknowledgement of the artist/producers in the UK and also helps push the scene to a higher platform through its mainstream link. 

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Let's Have A Chat

Let's Have A Chat Podcast

Logo and header job.

Let's Have A Chat Logo

Twitter Banner

Work for Certified UK 

Digital Poster for the Grenfell football tournament. 

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