What Little Remains

The project, ‘What Little Remains’ is about stabbings predominantly involving teenagers.

The idea came to Jamain from acknowledging his own personal history, moving from his home country Guyana straight into Islington Arts and Media School located in North London. Walking home from school one day through Andover Estate, Jamain was mugged for his mobile phone whilst being held at knife point, he was only thirteen.

Jamain then decided to create a project focusing on teenage stabbings around the area he grew up in, with the ambition to bring awareness to the matter. Shooting for five hours around Islington with his Hasselblad and Tri-pod, he focused on capturing the aftermath of such events, leaving tulips at every location he went too.

After shooting this project, Jamain found a deep desire to continue this project, but to expand on the locations, predominantly in large UK towns and cities, where the end product will be a book displaying such images.

Locations he’s currently looking at:

Guildford / Aberdeen / Reading / Glasgow / London / Edinburgh / Grays / Sunderland / Croydon / Brighton / Southampton / Portsmouth / Bristol / Plymouth / Swansea / Luton / Cambridge / Birmingham / Norwich / Derby / Liverpool / Manchester / Sheffield / Leeds / Hull / Lancaster

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